The Manifestation Hack Review – Professional Mind Reprogramming System

Quick Review

Manifestation Hack is the manifestation program that uses the power of meditation and hypnosis to re-tune your brain so that your brain will start attracting positive energy and reject negative energy.

You will get three 10-min audio tracks in this program that you have to listen every day to get results in 7 days.

Along with these three audio tracks, you will also get free bonuses and direct one-to-one email support from the author, Aaron Surtees.

You can get this entire program in as little as $9.

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You came to this site because you want to know everything about Aaron Surtees’ Manifestation Hack, you want to know why many people are talking about it, right? You want to understand if this program can improve your life, or it is another over-hyped manifestation program. Isn’t?

Well, this Manifestation Hack review will take you to the core of the program as I am going to tackle key topics in this review – such as what is it, how it works, what’s included in it, its pricing, discount, and even I will share some customer reviews that I found online regarding this program.

If you have any question, then feel free to message me or post them in the comment box below. I will gladly clear your all doubts. Okay?

Perfect! Let’s take a look at some important points of this program

  • Name: Manifestation Hack
  • Size: 3 audio files
  • Author: Aaron Surtees
  • Cost: $9 (discounted price for limited price)
  • Best Place To Buy: Official Website
  • Best For: Reprogramming Of Mind
  • Is It Safe: Yes (No side effect has been reported yet)
  • Guarantee: 60 Days Money Back
  • Rankings: 95 out of 100

Who Is The Aaron Surtees? Is He A Real Guy?

Well, I believe this is a valid question because many of the manifestation programs created by anonymous individuals that don’t have experience or education.

Who is Aaron SurteesAnyways, Manifestation Hack by Aaron Surtees is created by a very real person who has a very real qualification, training, and past experience.

Aaron is the director of City Hypnosis of London, England. His company’s twitter page has 2,000 followers, and the account is five years old. His company has been rated 4.7 out of 5 by 23 people on Facebook and has over 50 videos on YouTube. He also has easy to find phone number as well.

His company office located in the posh area of London in a huge building that used to be London’s Patent office but after renovation, several businesses from law firms to hypnotherapists have shifted their offices in this building.

Aaron Surtees also appeared in numerous British TV shows and radio channels. He completed his studies from Southampton University. He is a registered therapist and even has a registered NHS number. In short, he is very real person with strong experience.

Here is one of the Facebook recommendations

City Hypnosis feedback Facebook

I hope I have clear your doubts regarding the author.

Now let’s talk about this program.

What Is Aaron’s Manifestation Hack All About?

What is Manifestation Hack program

This is the meditation/hypnosis program designed to improve your electrochemical energy so that brain can attract positive energy and reject negative energy.

This program aims to improve you from inside so that improvement will naturally occur outside as well.

I have reviewed many self-development programs, but this is the program that I am still using it. Every time I listen before going to bed I wake up fresh and that is what I like.

Manifestation Hack consists of 3 audio files (or you can say 3 modules) and you have to listen to them every day to change your mindset.

Results from these audio tracks depend upon how much negativity your body has. Some have experience results from these mp3 files in as little as 7 days as well.

In these audios, Aaron speaks ‘high energy’ words and phrases by hypnosis that will tap into your subconscious mind. All you need to do is to listen to them in a calm and relax place.

When you listen to these 10-min audio tracks, then frequencies in the audio will influence the pattern of waves in your mind. Don’t worry, this is a completely safe method as I am still using it every day.

Although this method of manifestation is not new, the real success of the program depends upon the level of faith the user has on this method and that is what counts!

Aaron has created a short video presentation, make sure you watch it.

manifestation hack video

How To Use Manifestation Hack Program?

Manifestation Hack contains audio tracks that don’t need any tactical skills to use them.

All you need is a good-quality headphone (that cuts out outside noises) to make these audio tracks work for you.

Additionally, you need to arrange 10 minutes in the morning, plug n play headphone and see how it will bring positive changes in your life.

Who Shouldn’t Listen To Manifestation Hack Audio Tracks?

Anyone can utilize these audio tracks to get benefit from them.

However, there are some cases in which it’s not recommend to use these audio tracks.

These audio tracks contain brainwave frequencies that go deep inside the brain.

That’s why it is not recommended to use brainwave frequency, if:

  • You are suffering from epilepsy as it increases the risk of triggering seizures
  • You aren’t 18 years as it requires greater mental strength
  • You are driving a car
  • You are working with a dangerous machine
  • You had brain injuries or serious mental condition.

How Manifestation Hack Audio Tracks Works?

Does Manifestation Hack Really Work

As I already mentioned, this program contains three modules. Now we are going to take a deep look at how these modules works

Module 1 – Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind:

In this module, you will get an audio track that will reprogram your mind so that you will start believing in your capabilities.

Basically, this module aims to help you to develop an entrepreneurial mind that will work towards attracting wealth in your life.

Many users reported in their Manifestation Hack reviews that this module alone help them achieve success in their career.

Module 2 – Hypnotic Visuals:

This is something I am really impressed with the program.

I don’t know why, but very few manifestation programs use these visuals. In fact, I doubled my clothing business sales in a month by using hypnotic visuals.

If used correctly then they are really powerful in setting up a life that you want.

These visuals help you visualize yourself living in a wealthy lifestyle. This is important because what you visualize will ultimately become a reality. And also these visuals will store a positive image in your subconscious mind so that you will start developing a mind that will help you enjoy good and wealthy life.

Module 3 – Attaining Motivation and Concentration:

This module will help you in gaining motivation and concentration so that you can start attraction wealth and unlimited success in your business. This will also bring profitability in your life.

You will be reprogrammed skillfully to have 100% concentration and motivation towards achieving wonderful success in your life.

Manifestation Hack cost


Helps You Build Dream Goal Of Happiness

It will become a lot difficult for you to bring happiness in your life if you don’t have a goal. Goal setting is very important to understand where you are and where you want to go.

Clear Your Focus

focus on your targetThese audio tracks clear your mind from all those negative beliefs that stopping you from achieving your goals.

It is important to have clear focus if you want Hypnotherapy works for you. Hypnotherapy can do wonders and change your life completely, but only if you use it with an open and clear mind.

This will also help you in making the right decision in your life.

Reprogram Subconscious Mind:

If you want to change your life, then it is necessary to change your mind.

Your mindset (or we can say ‘way of thinking’) plays an important role in between success and failure.

If you want to attract good things in your mind, then you have to change your mindset.

Reject Negative Energy:

Negative energy brings all negative things in your life and creates doubts, fears, and depression.

Hypnotherapy is a technique to reject negative energy, but it needs lots of practice to make it happen. In the short term, Hypnotherapy can transform your negative energy into positive energy and help you overcome difficulties in your life.

Gives You Positive Affirmations:

Think Positive Affirmations

Manifestation Hack contains a PDF that talks about positive affirmations in detail.

In this book, you will find out how these positive affirmations work, and how you can apply in your life to have a great life.

These positive affirmations will lift a heavy burden from your life and you will able to make the right decisions at the right time.

Achieve High Energy To Attract Wealth:

If you want to manifest additional money in your life, then you have to increase your vibration (or energy) to match it with the thing you want in your life. You can’t attract more money in the negative state.

Once you start listening to these audio tracks, your view about life will change, and you able to manifest money quickly.

Manifestation Hack Cost, Discount, And Guarantee

Well, you find the program at the right time. I bought this program for $297 but don’t worry –  Aaron has slashed the price by 90% and you only have to pay just $10 to access this complete program.

Aaron has taken this decision because he wants people from all walks of life to take benefit from this course. And the second reason is due to financial losses people got due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Other than that, you will also get 60 days money back guarantee. Within this time frame, if you don’t experience result, then all you need to do is to send just one email to Aaron and he will refund your full money within two business days.

That’s all from this Manifestation Hack review. I hope you found this review helpful/useful.

A humble request: If you have already opened the Manifestation Hack official site, then please honor me by closing the page and purchasing this program through the link provided below. I will get a small referral fee that will help me in paying bills. (It will not affect product final price)

Manifestation Hack discount